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Comments (optional): This is by far the best and most affordable limo company in Pittsburgh.  I have booked a limo 4 times now with Crystal Limousine.  I have had an outstanding experience with them every time.  They are always on time and the drivers are the nicest people you could meet and are extremely eager to please.  Every time I go to get quotes for limo service, Crystal is at least a few hundred dollars cheaper than every other limo company in the area.  Also when you book with Crystal you deal directly with the owner Tom.  Tom is a great guy and after talking with him you know how much pride he has in his business.

Thanks again Tom and Mike (Driver) for helping us with a great and memorable night out!! :)




Best Night Ever!


by kt87crosby at Citysearch


It was my friends 21st birthday and we knew better than to try to drive, so I started shopping for Limos to take us out for the night. Not only was the man on the phone the nicest that I dealt with, the prices were amazing! Usually when you get such a bargain you expect a less than awesome experience, NOT THE CASE HERE! The limo was gorgeous, clean and comfortable. Our driver, Randy, was amazing, dealing with 14 drunk people would drive most people crazy, Randy was the exact opposite, he let us have fun, gave us some suggestions on places to go and laughed right along with us! I couldn't have asked for a better night out! Thank you Crystal Limousine for making my friends 21st the best night ever! Next time I need a limo, I won't even shop around, I already know the best place in town!!!!!!!!!






by margieg815 at Citysearch


I was at Crystal Limousine's office making a deposit for our upcoming birthday bash when a call came in from a frantic bride. She had a limo reserved with another company & she got the call 2 days before

her wedding that they were not going to do the wedding.. TWO days before . She was so upset I could hear some of what she said.. My business with Tom was finished but I wanted to see how this worked out. He knew how important this was to her . He told her to hold on. He said all the limos were booked that day but he would do everything he could to help her . she needed an answer right away. He immediately checked the reservations . He had her on hold while he called a few customers who had a reservation that day & explained the situation. He asked them if they could change their time slot a little to make it possible to do her wedding, but he would understand if they couldn't or wouldn't.. He said they were happy to do so (especially since it was for a wedding.) Tom said they were doing dinner & nite out. so had some leeway I heard him give them extra free limo time & champagne for being so nice & understanding. Even tho I couldnt hear everything the bride said I could tell by Tom's words that she was grateful beyond words. I wasn't surprised by his actions & confirmed my opinion of this company.. we used Crystal several times & always happy with the service & all the goodies they offer like passes to clubs & driver knows where & what the specials are . Besides-- free limo bar Saves us $$$. almost pays for itself .




Awesome Time!


by teddybear716 at Citysearch


This was such a great experience!!! In my honest opinion, I read some of the negative reviews on here and was worried. The first time I called and left I message I never heard anything back, which lead me to belief that the reviews were true.

However, I did try again a few days later (because this was really the best price) and spoke to Tom. We got all the details worked out, I stopped in later that night to drop off my deposit and we were set!! To be fair, I was calling in the heat of Prom/Wedding season so I'm sure they were far busier than normal.

Regardless, it was an absolutely awesome experience. Our limo driver was AMAZING!! It was a group of 7 crazy girls for a Bachelorette party and our driver did not disappoint, he was such a great time that we actually debated just staying in the limo all night.

I normally don't write reviews, but I had to for this one. They made my best friend's Bachelorette party everything she wanted and more. The price was fantastic as well!!! Even though we had an 8 person limo, we were only charged for 7 girls! I highly , HIGHLY recommend this company. If you don't get throw the first time, just try again, especially if it's a busy time for them. I promise it's worth it!!!



Crystal very good company.


 8/2011 by Nikki K at Citysearch


I have done previous business with crystal limousine and had a very nice outcome.


 plz dont waste your time calling around !!




   by SteelCityChick at Citysearch


I rented a limo out for a bachelorette party this past weekend. When I booked it - Tom was awesome!!! He gave me a discount because I was paying by myself. He always answered and returned any emails promptly! Even helped me through a computer issue I had (random, but shows how nice he is).

Our driver, Keith, was SOOOO much fun! He was on time, very helpful with knowing where to go and what to see. Helped us avoid busy streets where we would have wasted all of our time! Passes and discounts to EVERY bar and club we went to!!! The limo was ALWAYS in sight, it was clean, well stocked and looked great!!!

Anyone planning a night with a limo company DEFINITELY needs to check this place out! I've been recommending them to everyone I meet.

Keep up the good work Crystal Limo - I will be back!






by Sharon Mohan at Citysearch


GREAT limo service...


"Pete" was our driver - Very respectful, arrived on time, was actually early..


Would HIGHLY recommend this limo company to anyone.


I was given the LOWEST PRICE by far



Courteous and safe

 by Jerszy H at Citysearch

 I have always found Crystal's service and drivers very courteous, showing a high level of professionalism with a priority for safety and punctuality.



Great Car, Great Service, Great Time & A-1 Driver


by Vinny V at Citysearch


Bought a party package this past Friday night... Me and my boys (ten total) wanted to go out on the town but didnt really know what, where or how. Pete the driver took charge... He knew where to go for all our wants and needs and not only did he take care of us, he looked out for us... He got us VIP treatment at several bars and then a few strip clubs as well... Everything about our night with Crystal Limo was great... The stippers took all our money and Pete the driver even bought a few of us Primantis where he even has pull there...



Perfect Service


by MikeRoncaSr at Citysearch


Had the Limo ordered for 2:30pm on 4/9/13 and the driver (Pete) showed up at exactly 2:30pm... The limo was very clean, beverages were provided along with ice and glasses. Pete (driver) was extremely professional, and it was a joy having him drive us around. It was my 10th anniversay, and I rented the limo for 7 hours. Pete said, its my car, he will take me wherever I wanted to go. Stopped a few times and Pete was more than happy to take pictures of my wife and I without hesitation. Tom (I guess is the owner) was straight with me on all charges. I told him what I wanted and he quoted the price for me and thats exactly what the price was at the end of the night, not one penny more... I have hired limos in the past, and this place is by far the best service I have had, and I wouldn't hesitate on using them again. We had a very nice evening around Pittsburgh and my wife and I thank you ever so much... You made the night a success and complete... Thank You Tom and Pete

I looked at some of the other reviews, and I think they are a crock of ****.... There was no way, not even close did anything happen or go wrong with crystals service.







by RONNY H at Citysearch


I have used other companies in past but when my good friend me about  crystal , I gave them a call , it was refreshing to talk to this  TOM  fellow , very informative , funny , and i liked how much $$$he saved me and after using CRYSTAL   I just had to tell others !! 










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